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ROV Compiler

ROV COMPILER is meant to be used to convert Microsoft Excel XP, 2003, and 2007 files to extract an existing model into pure mathematical relationships and code such that the model can be used as usual but the intellectual property of the model is protected. You can now use Excel as a software development tool instead of only a modeling tool. That is, suppose you are an expert in a certain industry such as banking, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, manufacturing, insurance, aeronautics, and so forth, and further suppose that you have developed Excel models and worksheets that are appropriate for use by others in the same field. You can now use ROV Compiler to create executable EXE files from your existing Excel models; lock up the mathematical, business, and computational logic into binary code; and create extremely secure hardware-locked license protection of your file that can be distributed like a software program. When run, the compiled file will have the exact look and feel of Excel, minus the ability to access critical calculation logic, plus the ability to be secured and licensed like a regular software program. There exists public domain software that will crack Excel passwords quickly and effortlessly, but such software will not work on compiled files. By running the extracted model, several items are accomplished, namely:

  • Use Excel as a programming platform instead of just modeling… you do not need to learn advanced software programming to create your own licensed software!
  • Any existing Excel 2002, 2003, and 2007 files and beyond can be compiled extracted from Excel XLS or XLSX files and turned into binary mathematical code, creating a self-executable EXE file that, when run, will open in Excel. The file will function exactly like an Excel file; it will look and feel like Excel but the computations are all embedded in binary format that is encrypted and not accessible to the end user.
  • All of the business intelligence and relationships are maintained but will no longer be visible to the end user, allowing the model creator to safely and securely distribute the model without losing control of any intellectual property or company secrets.
  • The compiled model can be locked using a 2048 bit RSA encryption (more powerful and secure than military-strength protection) and can only be accessible using the correct password and license (using computer hardware locking algorithms).
  • The compiled model cannot be changed by the end user, and this restriction maintains a strict quality control and prevents malicious tampering or accidental breakage of the model (e.g., equations and functions with broken links, wrong functions and calculations, etc.).
  • The compiled file can also be used by third-party software applications in a Component Based Modeling environment. For instance, the end user might have his or her own software or database with predefined calculations. The compiled file is linked into and is a part of this existing proprietary system and can be called in command console mode. Your own proprietary software system simply obtains the inputs to link into the compiled file and the compiled model will perform the computations and return the required outputs.


This software can be run in any Windows or MAC environment (MAC operating systems require Parallels or Virtual Machine to emulate a Windows environment), and is compatible with Microsoft Excel. The software suite requires 30MB of free disk space with a recommended minimum 1GB of RAM for best performance.


ROV Compiler can be downloaded immediately from our website with a default 10-day trial license. Our philosophy is that you get to try before you buy. Once you use it, we are convinced you will fall in love with the simplicity and the power of the tool, and it will become an indispensible part of your modeling toolbox. However, please note that the trial version can only create 10-day licenses and will come with a trial version message (these will be gone in the fully licensed version).

If you wish to extract the model into a file that runs completely outside of Excel (extracted into EXP files) where all of its calculations are hidden and protected, please use the ROV Extractor and Evaluator software instead, also developed by Real Options Valuation, Inc. This ROV Extractor and Evaluator software complements the ROV Compiler software such that a large model that can take a long time to run in Excel can now be run at extremely fast speed in the lifted EXP model. Large-scale Monte Carlo Risk Simulations with large numbers of trials can be performed at very high speeds. Large models with many irrelevant parts are identified; additionally, you can identify the main key inputs and outputs you wish to have modeled. For instance, in a model such as A+B+C=D, B+E=F, and if F is chosen as the key output, only B and E are relevant. This ability decreases the computational time for the model by identifying critical inputs, and the model can then be optimized to run even faster once the model thread is identified. The large Excel model can now be turned into a calculator-like environment, where all the end user has to do is enter in the inputs and obtain the outputs. Imagine it as akin to creating a very large Visual Basic function in Excel, but instead of a simple function with several lines of computations, this function is an entire Excel workbook with many interconnected worksheets.