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CERTIFIED IN RISK MANAGEMENT (CRM) Seminar Schedule and Location
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  • Nov 7-8, 2006 – San Francisco
  • Nov 9-10, 2006 – San Francisco
  • Dec 12-13, 2006 – Mexico City
  • Dec 14-15, 2006 – Mexico City
  • Jan 23-24, 2007 – Singapore
  • Jan 25-26, 2007 – Singapore
  • Feb 20-21, 2007 – San Francisco
  • Feb 22-23, 2007 – San Francisco
  • Mar 9-10, 2007 – Hong Kong
  • Mar 16-17, 2007 – Hong Kong
  • Jun 26-27, 2007 – San Francisco
  • Jun 28-29, 2007 – San Francisco
  • Nov 13-14, 2007 – San Francisco
  • Nov 13-16, 2007 – San Francisco
  • Dec 12-15, 2007 – Mexico City
  • Jan 23-26, 2008 – Singapore
  • Feb 20-23, 2008 – San Francisco
  • Mar 9-10 & 16-17, 2008 – Hong Kong
  • Jun 26-29, 2009 – San Francisco
  • Oct, 2009 – Bogota, Colombia
  • Oct, 2009 – Caracas, Venezuela
  • Nov, 2009 – Lima, Peru
  • Nov, 2009 – San Francisco
  • Jan, 2010 – San Diego
  • Feb, 2010 – Hong Kong
  • Mar, 2010 – Quantico, Virginia
  • Apr, 2010 – Dahlgren, Virginia
  • Apr, 2010 – Caracas, Venezuela
  • May, 2010 – Bogota, Colombia
  • Jun, 2010 – Santiago, Chile
  • Aug, 2010 – Lima, Peru
  • Sep, 2010 – Mexico City, Mexico
  • Oct, 2010 – Caracas, Venezuela
  • Nov, 2010 – Bogota, Colombia
  • Jan, 2011 – Hong Kong
  • Feb, 2011 – New York
  • April, 2011 – Sao Paolo, Brazil
  • June, 2011 – Caracas, Venezuela
  • Aug, 2011 – Bogota, Colombia
  • TBD, 2011 – Monterey, California


This is a 4-day course covering the materials in the Risk Analysis and Real Options for Analysts courses.
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  • Analytical Tools
  • Basic Real Options (SLS software)
  • Forecasting (Risk Simulator)
  • Monte Carlo Simulation (Risk Simulator)
  • Optimization (Risk Simulator)


  • The basics of real options
  • Understanding the basics of the SLS software
  • Framing basic options


  • The basics of real options
  • Making strategic decisions using real options
  • Framing strategic options
  • Interpreting options results


Applying binomial lattices in the ESO Toolkit software to value employee stock options under the 2004 revised FAS 123


Courses customized to your firm’s specific needs

Samplings of companies that have been through our training seminars:

3M, Accenture, AIG, Allstate Insurance, Airbus, Alexion, Aquiva Trading, AT&T, Boeing, Chevron Texaco, Duke Energy, Eli Lily, GE, GE Capital, Glaxo SmithKline, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, Lloyds Bank, Motorola, Phillips, Pioneer, Roche Molecular Diagnostics, Seagate, Schlumberger, Shell, Sprint, Sunoco, Syngenta, Timken, Total Elf Fina, Washington Gas, and many others!

“Johnathan is a brilliant and energetic instructor able to take the most difficult subjects and make them understandable and practical. Certainly the best instructor I have had in a long time.”

Curtis C., Director of Business Development Finance, GE, GE Money (Asia)

“Johnathan Mun is able to take even the most difficult and technically challenging concepts and make them simple to understand and applicable to today’s challenging and changing business environments. It is definitely one of the best seminars I have ever attended and I would rate Dr. Mun among the top lecturers in the field.”

Robert F., Ph.D., Director of Corporate R&D Services, The 3M Company (USA)

“Great presentation! A must have! Very good session with the best cost/option/risk discussion I’ve seen. This should be required for every new crop of Navy Admirals. This session was awesome. Great presenter – kept us interested. He described and presented a set of tools for a senior leader to use to make better decisions. Dr. Mun was very animated and enthusiastic about “Real Options”. Real-world examples added significantly to understanding. Real – world, solid. Demand the audience to think. Very good real world examples were included. Simply outstanding!”

-A compilation of quotes from Navy Commanders and Captains at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School (USA)

“Dr. Johnathan Mun has been able to put together both the learning approach and teaching materials that make the changing of our cognitive schema of how we manage risk in a digestible form. Since the future of business is focused on vigilant decision making, the approach that Dr. Mun utilizes is by far one of the most effective mechanisms for supporting corporate sustainability.”

Kenneth E., Director Emerging Technologies, The Timken Company (USA)

“Jonathan Mun is one of the most gifted teachers of quantitative risk analysis in the history of global finance and business. All of his books combine science, art, intuition, creativity, and above all, they are acutely perceptive, always practical, and provide startling clarity, on the methods and pathways of proper business decision making, when faced with uncertainty. Advanced Analytical Models contains a vast treasure trove of over 200 (!!) risk models, unlike anything ever published in the field. Absolutely groundbreaking…The practical application of the risk models in this book, will keep the rest of us busy, for years to come!”

Brian W., Chief Risk Officer and Chief Financial Officer, GECC (USA)

“Dr. Mun has the ability to take the rocket out of the science and bring complicated matters very much down to earth in a matter of fact and memorable way. Put simply you come away from his sessions not only having learnt a great deal, but starting to use it in practice immediately.”

Robert Fourt, Partner, Gerald Eve Consulting (UK)

“Use of real-world examples to illustrate concepts. Dr. Mun has a thorough knowledge of the subject and was able to impart the knowledge to the participants.”

Tim M., Navy Captain, U.S. Department of Defense (USA)

“The depth and knowledge of the instructor and the ability to follow on the computer with a hands-on approach to learning from actual practice was incredible.”

Debra G., Credit Analyst, National Bank of Dominica (Caribbean)

“The materials and the easy understanding made possible by the excellent explanations and examples.”

Mark R., Professor, Naval University (USA)

“An excellent delivery of a complex subject Matter. Dr. Mun kept the entire class engaged at all times.”

Lou O., Senior Project Manager, Adaptec (USA)

“Very relevant to my work with a great breadth of subject matter with a great presentation style.”

Chris L., Director of Project Services, Genentech (USA)

“Excellent knowledge gained.”

Vitorio S., Director of Quality Assurance, Avcorp Industries (Canada)

“Clear explanation of subject matter, enthusiasm and approachability of Dr. Mun.”

Andrew P., Consultant, Maxiom Consulting Group (USA)

“Johnathan’s knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject matter and the ability to provide realistic examples that are applicable.”

Kristi N., Senior IT Project Manager, APL Limited (USA)

“Dr. Mun’s knowledge was fantastic and his enthusiasm was high and contagious. I really enjoyed the subject matter.”

Brian S., Project Manager and Financial Analyst, Wells Fargo (USA)

We offer several hands-on training courses and seminars in the areas of risk analysis and real options analysis, taught by world-leading experts on the topics. Our classes are generally kept to a small size to cultivate a better learning atmosphere and to provide the opportunity for more one-on-one attention by the instructors. Courses are typically conducted in regional locations around the world (check our website for the latest schedule) in state-of-the-art computer-equipped seminar rooms, where each participant will have his or her own computer terminal.


The key advantage of attending one of our seminars are as follows:

  • Obtain the Certified in Risk Management (CRM) certification that is acknowledged around the world.
  • Learn from real experts in the field with the best credentials and hands-on expertise and experience, not from a group of unqualified trainers.
  • Get it straight from the source! The main seminar instructor is the creator of the Risk Simulator and Real Option Super Lattice Solver (SLS) software, the author of 12 books on the topics of risk modeling, real options, and valuation. He is also a professor in finance and economics, and a consultant for many multinationals, and is known globally for his expertise in risk analysis and real options.
  • Get free books, training models and examples, course slides, and many other getting started materials.


Real Options Valuation, Inc. is the global preferred provider for the International Institute of Professional Education and Research™ (IIPER), and we have been granted the rights to teach CRM certification courses. On completion of our 4-day seminar and the successful completion of a live test administered on the last day, participants will be granted the CRM designation! Real Options Valuation, Inc. is one of only three organizations in the world with rights to grant this CRM designation.

So, how do our seminars compare to others? Surprisingly, our 4-day training seminars are lower in price than other so-called simulation courses, and at the completion of the training, you will receive your CRM designation, something that other firms cannot provide. In addition, the training will be conducted by the exclusive CRM-designated trainer, Dr. Johnathan Mun, founder and CEO of Real Options Valuation, Inc.; a professor; a world-renowned expert on risk analysis; and author of 12 books on the topics of risk, valuation, and strategy; as well as the developer of our Risk Simulator and Real Options SLS software. Compare those qualifications to being trained by a fresh college graduate with fewer than two years of experience at other firms or a general MBA with insufficient grounding in the theory/application of risk analysis. You will not only learn the practical applications of risk analysis, but also the theoretical underpinnings of these applications.


The key advantages of attending one of our CRM certification seminars are as follows:

  • Obtain the Certified in Risk Management (CRM) designation.
  • Get it straight from the source! The main seminar instructor is the creator of the Risk Simulator and Real Option Super Lattice Solver (SLS) software, the author of 12 books on the topics of risk modeling, real options, and valuation. He is also a professor in finance and economics, and a consultant for many multinationals, and is known globally for his expertise in risk analysis and real options.
  • Get free books, training models and examples, videos, course slides, and many other getting started materials.

The prerequisite for the CRM program is a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent and 2 years of experience in financial analysis. Knowledge of basic Excel modeling is a plus but not required.


The International Institute of Professional Education and Research (IIPER) is a global institute with partners and offices around the world including the United States, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Mexico, Portugal, Singapore, Nigeria, Malaysia, and others. IIPER’s CRM certification is accredited by the National Certification Commission and IIPER is a member of the prestigious AACSB (Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business). AACSB is one of the largest U.S. accreditation agencies recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, and has over 500 business schools around the world as its members. Further, IIPER’s seminars are approved by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and participants can also obtain 30 professional development units (PDU) upon completion of the course. IIPER’s International Standards Board comprises professors from various universities including Lehigh University (Pennsylvania), University of Applied Sciences (Switzerland), Naval Postgraduate School (California), University of Missouri (Kansas City), and others. IIPER also has strategic alliances and collaborations with various research institutions around the world.


  • Monte Carlo simulation (understanding risk, risk-based simulation, quantification of risk, nonparametric bootstrap simulation, correlated simulation, truncation, distributional fitting, applied statistics to interpret simulation results, hypothesis testing, data extraction and analysis, multidimensional simulation, pitfalls, and performing due diligence)
  • Stochastic Forecasting (time-series forecasting, econometric modeling, GARCH volatility models, multivariate regression, nonlinear extrapolation, stochastic process forecasting, Box-Jenkins ARIMA, J-S Curves, Markov chains, forecasting without data)
  • Optimization (linear optimization on continuous and discrete integer decision optimization, portfolio optimization, and decision analysis techniques)
  • Decision Analytics (analyzing critical success factors, data diagnostics, statistical analysis, sensitivity analysis: multicollinearity, heteroskedasticity, econometric modeling, advanced forecasting tools)
  • Real Options (sample business cases and examples of real options applications, understanding the basics of real options)


This 1-day seminar is geared toward executives, managers, and decision makers and covers the following topics:

  • High-level overview of risk analysis and real options analysis
  • Sample real-life business cases and applications in multinational firms
  • Problem framing of strategic options
  • Asking the right questions and due diligence in strategic real options
  • Understanding how to interpret the real options results


This 2-day hands-on computer-based course using Real Options Super Lattice Solver software (SLS), covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to real options: what, where, who, when, how, and why
  • Sample applied business cases in real options analysis
  • Overview of different options valuation techniques: closed-form models, partial differential equations, and binomial lattices
  • Applying the risk-neutral probability technique, modeling European, American and Bermudan options, as well as abandonment, expansion, contraction, and chooser options; and using 5 different estimating volatility methods Overview of the different SLS modules and computing volatility
  • Solving options with changing inputs and customized exotic options, complex multiphased sequential compound options, mean-reverting options, jump-diffusion options, and dual-asset rainbow options using trinomial, quadranomial, and pentanomial lattices
  • Framing real options—structuring the problem


This 1-day hands-on seminar is geared toward:
Understanding the different valuation results from a Black-Scholes versus FASB-recommended binomial lattice models Hands-on valuation of employee stock options under the revised 2004 FAS 123 using the Employee Stock Options Toolkit software used by FASB in writing the new FAS 123 requirements


Any of our seminars can be customized for onsite delivery for your firm. The advantages include having content specific to your needs, business case applications specific to your industry and immediate requirements, and the ability to openly discuss any proprietary data, models, or strategies (covered under mutual nondisclosure agreements).


Dr. Johnathan Mun is the software’s creator and teaches all these courses. He has consulted for many Fortune 500 firms on risk analysis, valuation, and real options, and has written a number of books on the topic, including Real Options Analysis: Tools and Techniques, 2nd Edition (Wiley Finance, 2005), Real Options Analysis Course: Business Cases (Wiley Finance, 2003), Applied Risk Analysis (Wiley, 2003), Valuing Employee Stock Options Under 2004 FAS 123 (Wiley, 2004), Modeling Risk: Applying Monte Carlo Simulation, Real Options Analysis, Forecasting and Optimization (Wiley, 2006), and others. He is the founder and CEO of Real Options Valuation, Inc., and is responsible for the development of analytical software products, consulting, and training services. He was formerly the VP of Analytics at Decisioneering, Inc., and was a Consulting Manager in KPMG’s Global Financial Strategies. Dr. Mun is also a full professor at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School and a professor at the University of Applied Sciences (Zurich and Frankfurt). He has a Ph.D. in finance and economics, an MBA in business administration, an MS in management science, and a BS in applied sciences. He is certified in Financial Risk Management (FRM), Certified in Financial Consulting (CFC), and Certified in Risk Management (CRM). He currently resides in California.