Our founder and CEO is a world-renowned expert in the fields of real options analysis, options valuation, and simulation applications, and has written numerous articles and books on those and related subjects. Following is a sampling of his books that are pertinent to the software, consulting, training, and services provided by Real Options Valuation, Inc.

Managing Your Finances God’s Way

Managing Your Finances God's Way

Managing Your Personal Finances God’s Way is a thought provoking book on how to manage your finances according to biblical principles. Everything that we have belongs to God, but we are entrusted with its care as stewards. To be godly stewards, we need to be both diligent and knowledgeable about our own finances. Money was one of the topics that Jesus talked the most about because He knew the devastating effects it might have on us. The love of money drives a wedge between us and God. To walk closer with God, we need to first put our financial house in order. Follow along as the author takes you on a journey to discovering your finances, from understanding heavenly economics and learning how to get debt free, to home purchasing and stock market investment principles. This book provides many hands on applications with sufficient technical details explained in an easy to follow approach, allowing you to have a better understanding and control of your finances.