Our founder and CEO is a world-renowned expert in the fields of real options analysis, options valuation, and simulation applications, and has written numerous articles and books on those and related subjects. Following is a sampling of his books that are pertinent to the software, consulting, training, and services provided by Real Options Valuation, Inc.

Modeling Risk: Applying Monte Carlo Simulation, Real Options Analysis, Forecasting, and Optimization (Wiley, 2006) NOVO

Modeling Risk

O livro já está publicado e disponível na Amazon. Esse livro usa todos os três software: Risk Simulator, Real Options Super Lattice Solver, and Employee Stock Options Valuation Toolkit. Isso mostra como essas diferentes metodologias são usadas em conjunto uma com a outra em abrangente e integrada análise de risco e paradigma de gestão de risco. Esse livro é uma versão completamente atualizada do This book is a completely updated version do texto mais antigo de Análise de Risco Aplicada. As atualizações incluem NOVE detalhados novos casos de negócios e dezenas de casos aplicados Estratégia Militar dos EUA, Sistema global dos sistemas da Boeing, licenciamento de acordo da biotecnologia, exploração de petróleo e gas, planejamento financeiro pessoal, emprego de ações para avaliação de opções sobre FAS123, e muito mais)!

“Every year the market of managerial books is flooded again and again. This book is different. It puts a valuable tool into the hands of corporate managers who are willing to stand up against uncertainties and risks and are determined to deliver value to shareholder and society, even in rough times. It is a book for the new generation of managers, for whom Corporate America is waiting.”

-Dr. Markus Götz Junginger, Managing Partner, IBCOL Consulting AG (Switzerland)

“Dr. Mun breaks through the hyperbole and presents a clear step-by-step approach revealing to readers how quantitative methods and tools can truly make a difference. In short, he teaches you what’s relevant and a ‘must know.’ I highly recommend this book, especially if you want to effectively incorporate the latest technologies into your decision making process for your real world business.”

-Dr. Paul W. Finnegan, MD, MBA, Vice President, Commercial Operations and Development, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

“A must read for product portfolio managers . . . it captures the risk exposure of strategic investments, and provides management with estimates of potential outcomes and options for risk mitigation.”

-Rafael Gutierrez, Exec. Director of Strategic Marketing Planning, Seagate Technology

“Johnathan Mun has previously published a number of very popular books dealing with different aspects of risk analysis-associated techniques and tools. This last publication puts all the pieces together. The book is really unavoidable for any professional who wants to address risk evaluation following a logical, concrete and conclusive approach.”

-Jean Louis Vaysse, Deputy Vice President Marketing, Airbus (France)