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ROV Web Models

ROV WEB MODELS is a set of models and functions accessible on the Internet using Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers. Here are some highlights of the ROV Web Models:

  • Over 800 advanced functions and models available on the Web
  • Multiple basic financial planning models with interactive tables and charts (life insurance, accelerated mortgage amortization, retirement planning, college savings, personal investment plans, and many more) accessible on the Web
  • We can customize and create any new models that suit your needs and these models can be uploaded either on our site or on your own systems
  • Our mathematical models can be implemented or OEM into your own proprietary systems
  • Customizable Web pages for your business needs (we can create the computational pages with the models you select)
  • Quick calculators with rapid results versus detailed outputs of scenario tables and charts
  • All mathematical, financial and analytical models have been checked and double checked by professors and experts in the field
  • Completely compatible with ROV Risk Simulator and ROV Modeling Toolkit software applications
  • Less expensive than a single desktop license with multiple users on a single login account
  • Accessible anywhere in the world without the need to have large software applications installed
  • The detailed list of our 800+ advanced models are available for download on our website, and these models are distributed into the following groups:
    • Advanced Math Functions
    • Basic Finance Models
    • Basic Options Models
    • Bond Math, Options, Pricing and Yields
    • Credit Risk Analysis
    • Default Probability and Asset-Equity Parity
    • Delta Gamma Hedging
    • Exotic Options and Derivatives
    • Financial Ratios
    • Forecasting Extrapolation and Interpolation
    • Inventory Analysis
    • Probability Distribution CDF, ICDF, PDF
    • Probability Distribution Theoretical Moments
    • Put-Call Parity and Option Sensitivity
    • Queuing Models
    • Six Sigma Models
    • Value at Risk, Volatility, Portfolio Risk, and Portfolio Returns
    • Real Options Analysis


All you need is Internet access and a suitable browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. We will handle all the requirements on our servers.


There are no trial versions for this Web model. ROV WEB MODELS is purely an IT development and consulting project and there are no downloadable software applications available! We can create web models of ANY of our ROV software applications in your own corporate website or as standalone software applications. Please contact us for more information!