The material below comprises excerpts from books by Dr. Johnathan Mun, our CEO and founder, such as Readings in Certified Quantitative Risk Management, 3rd Edition, and Quantitative Research Methods Using Risk Simulator and ROV BizStats Software Applying Econometrics, Multivariate Regression, Parametric and Nonparametric Hypothesis Testing, Monte Carlo Risk Simulation, Predictive Modeling, and Optimization, 4th Edition ( All screenshots and analytical models are run using the ROV Risk Simulator and ROV BizStats software applications. Statistical results shown are computed using Risk Simulator or BizStats. Online Training Videos are also available on these topics as well as the Certified in Quantitative Risk Management (CQRM) certification program. All materials are copyrighted as well as patent protected under international law, with all rights reserved.

This book covers about 300 different analytical model templates that apply up to 800 modeling functions and tools from a variety of software applications. Trial versions of Risk Simulator and Real Options SLS are downloadable at by clicking on Download | Software. The Modeling Toolkit software can be downloaded directly from the website at

Part I of the book deals with models using the Modeling Toolkit and Risk Simulator software applications, while Part II deals with real options and financial option models using the Real Options SLS software. Readers who are currently expert users of the Modeling Toolkit software and Risk Simulator software may skip this section and dive directly into the models. The Modeling Toolkit software incorporates about 800 different advanced analytical models, functions, and tools, applicable in a variety of industries and applications. Appendix A lists the models available in the software as of this book’s publication date. These three software applications work on Windows 8/10 and require Excel 2013/2016/365 to run.

After installing the ROV Modeling Toolkit software, you will be prompted for a license key. Please write down the Hardware Fingerprint when the message appears. Then, in order to use the software immediately, enter the username and license key provided below. This key will activate the software for 3 days. In the meantime, please send an e-mail request to [email protected] with your Hardware Fingerprint as well as your full name, the company you work for, and contact information (telephone and e-mail) so that you will be registered in the system and an extended 30-day trial license can be e-mailed to you.

Name: Temporary License        Key: 4B9A-FDF2-CMT7-DC98

To start the software, double click on the desktop icon for Modeling Toolkit. This action will start Excel. Inside Excel, you will notice a new menu item called Modeling Toolkit. This menu is self-explanatory as the models are categorized by application domain, and each model is described in more detail in this book. Please note that this software uses Excel macros. If you receive an error message on macros, it is because your system is set to a high security level. You need to fix this by starting Excel 2013/2016/365 and clicking on File | Excel Options | Trust Center | Trust Center Settings | Macro Settings | Enable All Macros.

In addition, please make sure to also install Risk Simulator and the Real Options SLS applications. After installation, start the Risk Simulator software by double-clicking on its icon on the desktop. Excel will start. Inside Excel, click on the Risk Simulator ribbon and then click on Risk Simulator | License. E-mail [email protected] your Hardware ID and we will issue you extended 90-day trial licenses for Risk Simulator and Real Options SLS. When sending the e-mail, please include the code: AAM2E for reference.

Note that the trial version of Modeling Toolkit will expire in 30 days. To obtain a full corporate license, please contact the author’s firm, Real Options Valuation, Inc., at [email protected] or visit the company’s website. Notice that after the software expiration date, some of the models that depend on Risk Simulator or Real Options SLS software still will function, until their respective expiration dates. In addition, after the expiration date, these worksheets still will be visible, but the analytical results and functions will return null values. Finally, software versions continually change and improve, and the best recommendation is to visit the company’s website for any new versions or details on installation and licensing. The appendixes provide detailed lists of all the functions, tools, and models, and the glossary describes the required variable inputs in this software.

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