This section on Management Dashboards (see Figures 9.4 and 9.5) shows how the results from the PEAT software can be summarized into management dashboards. To follow along, we assume that you are continuing to use the default DCF example and have already run risk simulation and optimization models. Then, click on the Dashboard tab (Figure 9.4) and wait for a few seconds while the software identifies and looks up the results in memory.

Then for each of the four available quadrants, select from the droplists what you would like to show (charts, data grids, text results, or your custom text). Remember to Save the dashboards when you are done setting them up. Then click on View Dashboards to view them (Figures 9.5 and 9.6). When viewing the dashboards, remember to click on the droplist to select which saved dashboard you wish to view. You can also click on Capture Screen to copy the quadrants and subsequently paste them into another software, like Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel.

In future versions of PEAT, the dashboards will have additional available configurations and settings, as well as allow for saving and archiving of dashboard results.

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